at Miss Moneypenny Technologies

Work with us

Join a small team of talented and ambitious people working on Data Science, Machine Learning and Simulations.

About you

  • You see challenges where other people see problems.
  • You work independently and play well in teams.
  • You think engineering and creativity go hand in hand.

What we offer

  • We are a small team of talented and ambitious people.
  • We find inspiration in diversity.
  • We favor skills over experience and diplomas.
  • We encourage and support personal growth and lifelong learning.
  • You will be working directly with our CTO, who has a strong background in Data Science, Machine Learning and simulations.

Our core values

  • Strive for personal growth.
  • Be humble, be confident, be awesome.
  • Enable each other with trust and an open mind.
  • Elaborate innovative and simple solutions.
  • Take ownership, think ahead, stay alert.


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Open Positions

Data Scientist (HCMC, Vietnam)

As a data driven company, we are looking for someone who helps us understand our data. You will be working on both internal and client data to extract insights and build models for production use.
  • You are curious about data and the underlying processes.
  • SQL is more than just CRUD to you, it's your first UI for Business Intelligence.
  • You can visualize quickly because you know it helps humans understand data.
  • You know how to apply Machine Learning to solve problems.
  • You are familiar with common Data Science tools and are willing to dive into new technologies.
  • You are comfortable with Data Engineering tasks.

Fullstack Engineer (HCMC, Vietnam)

Our products comprise everything between customer and database. As a Fullstack Engineer you will work vertically by building and refining the features you own.
  • You think about features in terms of both benefit and feasibility.
  • You master every part of the web stack including Go/Python and React/Angular.
  • You connect and streamline all parts of the stack when working with backend and frontend engineers.
  • You have a scientific mindset and analyze user data to evaluate features.
  • You aim to keep things simple in both UX and API.
  • You are willing to deal with legacy to improve a product continuously.
  • You use automated tests to structure your code and assure its quality.

Backend Engineer (HCMC, Vietnam)

Our code and our data live in the cloud. As a Backend Engineer you will build our application logic and connect it to databases, message queues and web clients.
  • You have a strong sense for data flows and data transformations in complex infrastructures.
  • You love Go and you know why.
  • You know how to store and access data efficiently.
  • You are familiar with pragmatic ReST and elegant API design.
  • You are paranoid about security and know how to secure web services and encrypt data.
  • You use automated tests to structure your code and assure its quality.
  • You work with Unix systems and follow best practices like The Twelve Factors.

Frontend Engineer (HCMC, Vietnam)

User Experience is the core of every customer journey. As a Frontend Engineer you will build web-based interfaces that are intuitive, efficient and fun to use.
  • You are passionate about UX and beautiful interfaces.
  • You are familiar with JS Frameworks like React/Angular.
  • You implement designs in clean and responsive CSS.
  • You connect the interface to ReST APIs, handling async calls with ease.
  • You use automated tests to structure your code and assure its quality.
  • You work with standard tools for build pipelines, versioning and dependency management.

German-speaking Executive Assistant to CTO (HCMC, Vietnam)

We work in a dynamic and international environment, where everybody needs to be informed and focused. As an Assistant you will help our CTO connect people and develop products.
  • You work independently and play well in teams.
  • You learn fast and apply new skills confidently.
  • You communicate effectively on at least two levels: structuring and precise towards the development team as well as comprehensive towards stakeholders.
  • You are fluent in German, English and Vietnamese.
  • You work with standard tools for project management, communication and presentation.
  • In this position, you will:
  • Connect our two teams - Berlin and Saigon
  • Communicate with project managers and clients in English and German
  • Capture, formulate and translate product requirements
  • Be the first to use and evaluate new product features