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Enrich the world with emotional connection

With Miss Moneypenny Technologies and Merisier we enable people, companies and bots to build authentic, informative, emotional thus valuable relations with innovative technology and curated content.

Two companies. Two countries.
One shared purpose.

The first thing you need to know about us is that our team is spread over two countries, Vietnam and Germany and two companies, Miss Moneypenny Technologies and Merisier.

Something worth working for

As a team we enable people, companies and bots to build authentic, informative, emotional thus valuable relations with innovative technology and curated content. Our vision is to enrich the world with emotional connection. We believe that in a world in which corporations have immens impact on human interaction and our planet they are one necessary place to start to scale what we do. At Merisier we also make some of our services available to consumers who use our web shop to send gifts to loved ones all over the world. (We also would like to make bots fall in love with each other in the future).

Emotion meets Machine Learning

At Miss Moneypenny Technologies we work for our clients “in secret” – as the name would suggest. So don’t bother googling us, you won’t find much about this enterprise. With our machine learning driven solutions our secret agents at Miss Moneypenny Tech support large clients who want to provide their customers with seamless journeys and valuable information that allows them to feel save, supported, curious, happy and valued by the brands they have put their trust in.

Authentic emotional connection

Merisier provides companies with content driven solutions. With curated gifts and a digital foundation that enables direct and personal communication we foster authentic relationships between customers, brands and their staff. We enable sales, help with customer care, solve problems and design beautiful (user) experiences but most of all give people an easy and honest way to connect on a personal level. We made it our mission to boost happiness in people and are driven by the positive feedback we and our clients receive.

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Join us on our exceptional journey

We pride ourselves in growing our bootstrapped companies with great ambition, exceptional endurance, creativity and a deliberately small team of extraordinary people.

We believe in personal growth and find joy in learning. The changes we have accomplished for our clients over the years have been truly remarkable and drive our efforts every day: While the secret agents of Miss Moneypenny Technologies have pushed sustainability for large cooperations and transparency to users, our gifted team at Merisier has provided clients with content that has triggered emotional attachment between customers and their brand in a way that not even we would have thought possible. Together we create changes worth spending our time for

Meet our people

Anna Bojić

Founder & CXO

Marc Lampe

Founder & CEO

Vinh Hoi Le Chau

Founder & CTO

Danh Tran

Fullstack Engineer

Dung Le

Assistant to CTO

Emma Richter

UI Designer

Gwendoline Blumenthal


Hung Nguyen, PhD

AI Researcher

Hung Tieu

Project Manager

Marie-Caroline Wieland


Nicola Bergmann

Office Manager

Jennyfer Kirchner

Assistant to CEO

Vu Anh Bui

Fullstack Engineer

Duy Trần

UI/UX Designer

Minh Nguyen

Backend Engineer

Hoang Anh Nguyen

Assistant to CTO

Toan Dieu

Frontend Engineer

Son Duong

Backend Engineer

Alexander Akbik

Digital Consultant